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Cyberattacks: Why you're the weakest link

By Natasha Maguder, CNN
July 16, 2014 -- Updated 1634 GMT (0034 HKT)
  • The first route into an organization is through people, the weakest link
  • Fifty-eight percent of threats come from within the extended enterprise
  • Seventy-two percent of respondents are struggling to keep up security

Future Finance is a new series showcasing future trends related to the global financial system. The show complements CNN's business coverage by examining everything from a cashless society to high-speed trading that employs the power of laser beams.

(CNN) -- With cyberattacks on the rise and here to stay, it's a modern-day challenge for financial institutions, businesses and people to get smarter about preventing them.

As the cyberattackers get more sophisticated, it's a catch-22 situation, with no end in sight, says Dr. Guy Bunker, an expert from cyber security firm Clearswift.

"It's no longer just about credit cards and bank details, it's about any information that can be monetised. Product designs and even service contracts, all have a value to someone," said Bunker.

Today's biggest challenge is not external hackers, but rather internal threats within an organization.

Watch Dr. Bunker explain this in further detail, and learn more about how to stay on top of this evolving and critical problem.

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