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Front-row politics, no-show models: What really goes on backstage at a fashion show

By Milena Veselinovic, for CNN
updated 8:28 AM EDT, Wed September 24, 2014
CNN's The Fashion Season: Paris spoke to six industry insiders to find out what it takes to put on a world-class runway show. Click on the flashing icons below to go behind the scenes.

  • Fashion season is underway but how do catwalk shows come together?
  • It takes an army of personnel including producers, hair and makeup artists and more
  • Click the points on the interactive to reveal exclusive insight from industry insiders

Fashion Season: Paris takes you behind the scenes of the Paris catwalks and beyond, exploring the French capital's most stylish hidden corners. Reading this on mobile? Go here.

(CNN) -- It all looks so smooth. Swan-like models glide down the catwalk clad in priceless frocks, perfectly executing their elegant choreography.

But behind these scenes of apparently effortless glamor, an unflappable squad of fashionistas does everything from last-minute garment alterations to replacing models who don't show up to finding a front row seat for a VIP who has turned up unannounced.

And when the designer's brief is a couple of words, something like "Ukrainian Virgin Brides in Snow Boots," as it famously was for John Galliano's Fall 2009 show, the pressure is on to deliver a 10-minute cinematic spectacle which often takes six-months to prepare.

CNN takes you behind the scenes of a fashion week runaway show, bringing you exclusive insights from the industry insiders who turn fashion fantasy into reality.

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