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The Congressman charged with defending Democratic seats in the House won’t stay on for another election, but he is hoping to keep a seat at the leadership table.

New York Rep. Steve Israel told Newsday in a report published Wednesday that he declined Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s ask that he serve another term as chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee after Republicans exceeded expectations in widening their majority of seats the U.S. House of Representatives.

Israel has said for months that he didn’t plan on keeping his role at the DCCC and Israel’s spokeswoman Samantha Slater said he made up his mind before Democrats’ drubbing at the polls. And now Israel is working to find another spot in House Democratic leadership.

“I’ve been really clear with leader Pelosi that I would like to continue to have a seat at the leadership table, because it makes me more effective,” Israel told Newsday.

Slater said Israel “doesn’t know at this point” what position that would be.

Where that would be is not exactly clear. Pelosi announced Wednesday that she is running for another term as Democratic leader and her leadership team – Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer – is expected to stay on with her.

To keep Israel in the fold, Pelosi would likely need to create a new role for the New York Congressman.

DCCC chairs rarely serve through more than two elections. Israel also previously served as assistant Democratic whip.

Deirdre Walsh contributed to this report.