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Jeb Bush said Sunday he will release 250,000 emails from his time as Florida governor

He will also publish an eBook along with the emails outlining his governing philosophy

The announcements have fueled speculation he will run for president in 2016

Washington CNN  — 

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said on Sunday he will release 250,000 emails from his two terms in office and write an eBook outlining his governing philosophy. The moves have set the political sphere atwitter with speculation he’s closer than ever to deciding to run for president in 2016.

In what appears to be a move of classic political procedure – getting ahead of the opposition – Bush told WPLG-TV that his intention is to promote transparency.

“Part of serving or running both of them is about transparency,” he said. “I’ll let people make up their minds.”

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Further evidence a presidential run might be looming is a report in the Miami Herald that Bush recently lost 15 pounds, per an unnamed source.

Bush also admitted it’s been “kind of fun” to go back and look back at previous campaigns to remind himself that it’s possible to “move the needle” if you run with big ideas.

“That’s what you need right now in America,” said the brother of former President George W. Bush and son of former President George H.W. Bush.

By controlling the release of the emails and writing a book to accompany them, Bush has the opportunity to frame potential controversial subjects, like his support of the Common Core education policy and immigration reform.

Well aware he holds some positions out of step with the conservative wing of his party, Bush admits, “I am who I’ve been.”

An eBook, too, is noteworthy for Bush, who hasn’t run for office since 2002 – before the invention of the iPhone. The release of a digital product might serve as a flag that the former governor is prepared to build a modernized, digital campaign.

“I was digital before digital was cool I guess,” Bushed joked about emailing. “Now it’s commonplace.”

The book comes as Bush’s finances – including overseas investment and his work for venture capital firms – have come under scrutiny. The released emails could cast light on an already controversial narrative beginning to form or, more likely, serve as a timely distraction.

Bush says he is going to make up his mind about running in “short order,” and he plans to release the emails “sometime early next year.”