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Twitter chat as it happened: "Is Bitcoin over?"

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updated 7:06 AM EST, Mon December 8, 2014
What will the internet of the future look like? And what purpose will it be used for?
updated 5:22 AM EST, Tue December 9, 2014
2015's Sundance Film Festival will feature nine virtual reality installations.
updated 9:27 AM EST, Thu December 4, 2014
Tourists might not get the chance to see him in person, but they can now get pretty close thanks to the Smithsonian Institution.
updated 6:12 AM EST, Mon November 24, 2014
A panel of experts has spoken: these are the must-have apps right now.
updated 10:46 AM EDT, Wed October 22, 2014
Ever since two men first laid a bet on two flies climbing up a cave wall, gambling has struck at the core of the human condition: the future is uncertain.
updated 8:47 AM EDT, Thu October 30, 2014
In business, it might pay to keep the customer happy, but how far should you go just to keep the peace?
updated 12:35 PM EDT, Thu October 16, 2014
Skype users will soon be able to conduct voice and video calls supported by a near-real time translation technology.
updated 6:01 AM EDT, Thu October 16, 2014
phones and democracy in hong kong
How an app became the messaging tool of choice for Hong Kong's protesters.
updated 8:25 PM EDT, Sun October 12, 2014
A breakthrough in nanotechnology could mean we will be riding into space on a cable made of diamonds.
updated 7:54 AM EDT, Fri October 3, 2014
There may be plenty of idiots on the road, but is putting them in the skies taking it to the next dimension?
updated 12:42 PM EDT, Tue September 30, 2014
Despite a patchy history, new technology may give a new lease on life to the humble unicycle.
updated 12:22 PM EDT, Tue September 30, 2014
Fed up with waiting at pedestrian lights when there's no one there? New technology could fix your frustration.
updated 6:08 AM EDT, Thu September 18, 2014
A scene from the movie
As the 21st century unfolds, humans are in danger of losing their value, because intelligence is decoupling from consciousness.
updated 7:06 AM EDT, Wed September 17, 2014
A German airport has introduced robot valets to take the hassle out of parking for travelers.
updated 8:25 PM EDT, Sun October 12, 2014
Connected home tech helps people with Alzheimer's live in their own homes longer.
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