While another American is treated for Ebola, 11 of the patient's colleagues undergo monitoring.
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A millionaire is arrested, the same day a docu-series of his murder case airs. Eleven Americans are flown back to the U.S. after exposure to an Ebola patient. And could Russian President Vladimir Putin turn up today after a long, mysterious absence?

It’s Monday and here are the 5 things to know for your New Day.


Haunting silence: It maybe the worst natural disaster in the history of the Pacific. That’s what aid organizations are calling Cyclone Pam that grinded over the island nation of Vanuatu early in the weekend. But the confirmed deaths – so far – total up to a handful. Why? Communications and transportation – like most everything – are ripped and ruined, making an exact count difficult. It could take days to get a full picture of the devastation.

intv cyclone pam vanuatu survivor jaylene_00005608.jpg
Cyclone Pam tore her house apart with her inside
01:18 - Source: CNN


Arrest made: Jeffrey Williams told police he wasn’t gunning for two officers, when he wounded them in Ferguson last week. He confessed to opening fire, prosecutors said after his arrest yesterday. But Williams told them he pulled his gun after a personal dispute, as a protest wound down. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree assault. He also faces a few weapons related charges.

elam ferguson bishop_00010518.jpg
Protest organizer speaks to man arrested in police shooting
02:13 - Source: CNN


Abundance of caution: The phrase has become synonymous with preventing the spread of Ebola. So, when 11 Americans were exposed in Africa to another American who was diagnosed with the disease, the CDC decided to nip things in the bud. All 11 got – or are getting – flights back to the States, where they’ll be monitored.

intv harlow aid workers ebola_00003807.jpg
American aid workers possibly exposed to Ebola
04:18 - Source: CNN


Where’s the president?: Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? In the case of Vladimir Putin, it’s making the hearts of Kremlin watchers grow nervous. It’s been 11 days since the Russian President was last seen in motion – on March 5. After that he canceled some public appearances. And Putin is known for his love of the lime light, posing with a tiger, on a chopper, with his shirt off. The Kremlin released still photos of him, saying they were taken Friday, but doubters cried fake. Putin is reportedly scheduled to appear today in St. Petersburg. Will he show?

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with the Supreme Court Chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev, right, in the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, Russia, Friday, March 13, 2015. The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been out of public view for more than a week, is to meet on Monday with the president of Kyrgyzstan. (AP Photo/RIA Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, Presidential Press Service/AP)
Putin health rumors swirl
02:05 - Source: CNN


Did he or didn’t he? A string of deaths has stalked millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst like a dogged spell. He’s never been convicted of them. But the combined oddity of his wife’s vanishing 30 years ago, the killing of a befriended L.A. crime writer and the dismemberment of a neighbor prompted HBO to make a documentary about him, called “The Jinx.” Durst has always maintained his innocence. But the show may have stirred up new clues. The 71-year-old was arrested over the weekend in New Orleans in the crime writer’s shooting in 2000.

robert durst 2003 galveston 2
Real estate heir arrested in New Orleans
02:55 - Source: CNN

Those are your five biggies for the day. Here are a couple of other things that are brewing and have the Internet buzzing.

Where the eagles fly: Nature’s feathered flying ace swirls around the world’s tallest building in Dubai with a camera on its back. No stunt plane can take your breath away like this.

intv kinkade eagle records flight_00002127.jpg
Eagle's record flight off world's tallest building
03:20 - Source: CNN

Boogie fingers: The music is better with the sound turned off, when this sign language interpreter wiggles out a hit pop song.

Tickle me crunchy: Every time mom chomps into a corn chip, baby cracks up.

Bathroom humor: Prankster Robert Atwood rolled comedian Howie Mandel’s yard with toilet paper. Mandel wasn’t laughing.

Wowch wufftato: That’s poochese for couch potato. And, dog gone, is this Great Dane one! Wanna go outside? Noooh. Woh away!