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What will it take for Facebook to come to China?
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This month, “On China” examines China’s sophisticated Internet censorship system.

Known as the Great Firewall, it is designed to control the world’s largest Internet population.

It blocks and filters massive amounts of data that is deemed counter to the country’s interests, from sensitive topics like Tiananmen’s “Tank Man” to useful business tools like gmail.

Citing a need to protect its “Internet sovereignty”, China’s leaders are adamant they have the final say on what data flows in and out of the country’s borders.

Why does Beijing feel compelled to keep such a tight grip on cyberspace and how should Western firms assess the risk and opportunity of working in China?

CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout goes behind China’s Great Firewall with her guests in Hong Kong.

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Will Russia adopt China's 'Internet sovereignty' rule?
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