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Amanda Curtis, CEO of a fashion company in New York, posted a picture of four rainbows to Twitter

"I had a small moment of awe," she said

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Somewhere over the rainbow, people on the Internet are losing their minds. Is it real?

After the New York area received a large amount of rain, four rainbows stretched across the early morning sky on Tuesday.

Amanda Curtis, CEO of a fashion company in New York, snapped the lucky shot.

At first, she thought it was just one.

“But I looked a little bit closer and saw that there were actually four,” she told CNN. “I had a small moment of awe.”

She posted the picture to Twitter, and within a few hours, it had already received hundreds of retweets.

“It’s been surreal I feel like we’re breaking the Internet but in a really great way,” she told CNN affiliate WPIX.

According to CNN weather producer Rachel Aissen, this would be a double rainbow that has been reflected in the sky, due to a smooth body of water underneath the rainbow.

This isn’t the first time rainbows have shown up in multiples. But the splendor of such a scene can render us speechless, even emotional – much like the star of the famous “double rainbow” video.

CNN iReporter Yosemitebear Vasquez posted a video to YouTube in 2010 reacting to a double rainbow he spotted in Yosemite National Park. The video has since garnered over 40 million views.

Of course, we asked the unofficial rainbow spokesman to weigh in on the phenomenon.

“Whoa, that’s a quadruple rainbow! All the way,” he exclaims. “What does it mean?”

We don’t know exactly, but the Internet can’t get enough.