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The Washington Post’s mobile website was temporarily downed Thursday in an apparent hack.

Access to the website was blocked while a message popping up saying “You’ve been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army,” a group that has targeted websites of major companies and other media websites in the past and supports the current Syrian regime.

A Twitter account linked to the group said the Syrian Electronic Army was responsible for the hack. CNN could not independently confirm whether the group was responsible for disrupting the site.

The Washington Post is now redirecting mobile users to the desktop version of its site.

Shailesh Prakash, chief information officer at The Washington Post, confirmed the issue Thursday afternoon.

“The Washington Post’s mobile homepage and some section fronts on the mobile site were redirected to a site that claimed to be run by the Syrian Electronic Army. The situation has been resolved and no customer information was impacted.”

Before the redirect was begun, users were greeted with numerous dialog boxes when they tried to access the site.

“US govt is training the terrorists to kill more Syrians,” read one message.

“Saudi Arabia and its allies are killing hundreds of Yemens (sic) people everyday!” according to the next.

And finally: “The media is always lying.”

The page then displayed a message saying “Hacked by SEA.”

The Syrian Electronic Army also hacked into CNN social media accounts and blogs early last year.

The hacker group has previously targeted companies including Dell, Microsoft and Ferrari, as well as media outlets like the Associated Press, The Guardian and the Financial times.