The musical cult of Dr. Martens: 55 years of counter-culture in photos

Originally designed for workers, the Dr. Martens signature boot -- instantly recognizable by its functional shape, clunky sole and distinctive yellow stitching -- has been a perennial favorite for counter culture musicians and style tribes, associated with everything from punk and ska to grunge and metal.
These affiliations are traced in Dr. Martens: A History of Rebellious Self-Expression. The new book, timed with the company's 55th anniversary, charts the shoe's move from work boot to subcultural statement through 220 photos and interviews with high-profile fans from JJ Burnel to Joe Strummer.
While the boot's fan base has only grown and diversified over the years (everyone from OG punks to pop princesses like Ellie Goulding wear them these days), the association with rebels and independent thinkers remains.