Chinese amusement park photos explore the darker side of funfairs

Banksy's latest piece, Dismaland took a jab at the bleak, miserable side of theme parks. China it seems, has its own collection of dreary fun -- especially when captured at the dead of winter.
"Chinese Fun," a new book of photographs published by Hatje Cantz, showcases Italian photographer Stefano Cerio's work documenting off-season amusement parks, beaches, and sports grounds found throughout mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.
Born in 1962, Stefano Cerio currently spends his time shuttling between his studios in Rome and Paris. Since 2001, his work has moved towards explorative photography and video, with more recent works capturing ski lifts at night, deserted waterparks and the peculiar grandness of cruise ships.
Cerio's photos will appear at an exhibition at the Fondazione Volume in Rome, in September.