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Thinking of quitting your job to teach yoga?
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Yoga may seem a strange way to get ahead in the corporate world, but according to Julio Cesar Aguirre, who founded Yoga Para Empresas to teach the practice to office workers, regular downward dogs can do wonders for your business acumen.

“Yoga is something that everyone can do, and some of the tools that you use in yoga, such as meditation and concentration, help people reach a balance and make decisions with less stress,” he notes.

Aguirre worked in the corporate world for 28 years as a director of finance and international relations. After discovering yoga, he became more intrigued with the yogi philosophy and ultimately decided to jump off his career ladder and enrich his practice, studying in different monasteries throughout the world.

He fell on to teaching by chance.

“It happened naturally,” he admits. “I started (teaching) as a service, out of passion, at non-profit organizations. Eventually people started to learn about me and started calling me from businesses, asking if I could help the environment where I had worked so many years.”

Aguirre adds that yoga can benefit people in just about any professional discipline.

“If you are passionate about your job, whatever it may be, do it in a yogi way,” he advises.

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