‘The Force Awakens’ actor John Boyega surprises fans at screenings

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UPDATE: 48 hours after visiting theaters in NYC, John Boyega flew to London to do the same

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How about an opening screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with a side of John Boyega, dropping by unannounced at the theater?

That’s what happened to several lucky moviegoers over the weekend in New York, where the actor – who plays redeemed Stormtrooper Finn – spent his night making someone else’s really special.

The London-born Boyega was in town to promote the film and taped an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Friday afternoon, revealing that since he couldn’t tell his friends anything about his role, they thought he would be just an extra. He then set off to five different theaters in New York City.

In another clip posted to his Instagram feed he’s seen in a theater in Brooklyn, telling fans he “just wanted to pop by,” as he was “in the area,” before shouting “Brooklyn!” to thunderous applause.

Posting the videos online, the actor remarked “I had an amazing time meeting you all and again thank you for all the support.”

Less than 48 hours later the actor was surprising fans in London as well, bounding between Greenwich, Brixton and his native Peckham.

Boyega’s last stop was the Brixton Ritzy, where the actor had previously visited for a screening of his breakout hit “Attack The Block” in 2011.

Cinema foyers were also his hunting ground, where unsuspecting fans were watching the trailer to the latest chapter of the space saga.

Boyega’s trip to his hometown was the latest stop on a tour that has taken the actor to Los Angeles, the U.K, South Korea, Japan, then New York and back to London. Boyega will go on to attend the Chinese premiere on December 27, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” became the biggest opening in movie history, bringing in an estimated $238 million in the U.S. last weekend.

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Thomas Page contributed to this report