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On Thursday night, the five remaining Republican presidential candidates faced off at the CNN debate in Texas – the final debate before Super Tuesday. As always, what was spoken was important, but body language really said it all.

The ultimate Republican power couple – former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara – made a cameo. Their son Jeb dropped out of the race last week.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich took a moment to let everything sink in.

Sen. Marco Rubio had the most suave walk out.

Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz did the political equivalent of tapping boxing gloves before a match.

The only thing better than standing for two hours is being sandwiched between your rivals.

Rubio was the embodiment of “SMH.”

Rubio and Trump reminded us why our teachers made us take turns talking.

Donald Trump was told that he once loved Telemundo.

Trump pulled out his signature finger wag.

Kasich showed off his signature moves too.

Good night and good luck on Super Tuesday, America

CNN’s Casey Capachi contributed to this post.