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Instagram is a useful source for ground-breaking facts and discoveries

There are hundreds of Universities and Institutes to follow for a window into their world

Here are a pick of the best out there to keep your mind in awe

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Instagram can provide a window into a whole new world of discovery.

For many, it’s a showcase of beauty and inspiration, or a chance to view the world – or universe – through other people’s eyes. This can include the eyes of a scientist.

By picking the right accounts, you could tailor what you see to enter a pocket of scientific discovery you may never have known about.

With the likes of NASA, Harvard Medical School and the Mars Curiosity Rover all on Instagram, there are lots of different research teams, organizations and agencies to choose from.

We have put together a pick of our favorite accounts that will keep you posted on the latest updates, as well as make you stop in awe at their captivating images.

NASA, @nasa

10.1 million followers

NASA doesn’t need much introduction. With a whopping 10.1 million followers, NASA’s Instagram is packed with fascinating facts and imagery detailing mankind’s newest space discoveries. Their goal? To reveal the unknown for the benefits of all mankind. NASA is currently working on multiple space missions, including: the International Space Station, New Horizons: Pluto & Beyond, Curiosity Mars Rover, Hubble Telescope, and Kepler & K2. No matter what your level of interest in science is, you’ll be captivated.

NASA Goddard, @nasagoddard

1.4 million followers

As one of three NASA accounts mentioned here, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is situated in Greenbelt, Maryland and studies just about everything to do with space, from our Earth, Sun and solar system to the entire known – and unknown – universe. NASA Goddard is responsible for the innovative Hubble operations and upcoming James Webb Space Telescope, and by following their account you can see their progress as it happens.

Curiosity Rover, @marscuriosity


Who doesn’t want to know about life on Mars? The Mars Curiosity Rover landed on Mars in 2012 as part of NASA’s current Mars Exploration Programme. In an effort to explore the Red Planet using robots, Curiosity was designed to assess whether the environment on Mars was ever capable of supporting small life forms known as microbes – and gauge whether the planet is habitable. Unlike its more official counterpart, this Instagram gives you the raw and unofficial images from the Mars Science Laboratory as taken by the Curiosity Rover itself.

GE, @generalelectric


If you’re intrigued by technology, software and machines, then you’ll enjoy following this Instagram account. The jet engine, pictured above, says enough about the cool machinery you could see. Founded in 1892, General Electric spans the field of aviation, healthcare, power and energy, and their Instagram bears images, montages and videos to help you delve straight into the inner workings of all of those industries.

Science Museum in London, @sciencemuseum


The Science Museum in London, England is a space where everyone can enjoy science. Their Instagram helps you see the highlights of their collection from wherever you’re based in the world. Follow them to get a window into their historic collections, galleries and exhibitions ranging from talks with physicist Brian Cox in their IMAX Theatre to artifacts currently found on display.

CERN, @cern


CERN is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, the facility uses some of the world’s most complex and sophisticated scientific machinery, which can be seen through their Instagram account. The physicists and engineers at CERN are trying to decipher exactly how particles interact with one another, as pictured, all in their effort to find out what the universe is made of, and how it began. Their Instagram gives you first-hand views of their journey to get there to reveal just how they’re doing it.

MIT, @mitpics


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has more than 13,000 followers based on its position as a world leader in science and technology. Their Instagram combines both science and beauty, providing unique views of the amazing architecture found on their campus and, of course, the quirks and ingenuity of being a student there, pictured.

Caltech, @caltechedu


Over on the west coast of the United States lies MIT’s rival: The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California. Their Instagram account documents daily life of the genius minds working there alongside scientific discoveries as they take place. Pictured above is the evidence – an artists impression of giant planet tracing a highly elongated orbit in the outer solar system as discovered by Caltech researchers.

Harvard Medical, @harvardmed


With over 33,000 followers, Harvard Medical School’s Instagram account showcases all the School has to offer; from their scientific explorations and beautiful campus to the people behind the medical discoveries. The school, which was established in 1782, is the medical arm of the prestigious Harvard university and has trained thousands of leaders and caregivers, including 15 Nobel laureates. Their images highlight the brains and creativity behind making life-changing discoveries, such as using robots to speed up drug discovery (pictured).