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'7 Years' singer Lukas Graham on hippie communes and drugs

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Danish artist Lukas Graham says he has strong political views

But the 27-year-old musician largely keeps them to himself

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You may not recognize the name Lukas Graham, but you’ve no doubt heard the Danish artist’s catchy single “7 Years”, either on the radio during a late-night ride home, or in the background at the local supermarket.

His song may be mainstream, but the 27-year-old musician was born and still lives in the hippie commune of Christiania, an abandoned air force base nestled alongside a small lake in Copenhagen, Denmark. He comes off relaxed and unassuming, but very passionate about his beliefs. When asked if he considers himself a political person, he pauses, really mulling over the question.

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“Yeah, I do. In certain spheres, I will refrain from debating politics though,” he told CNN recently in Austin, Texas. “I don’t like the whole ‘slander, slander’ conversation that most political debates are these days. So I tend to keep my political standpoint not to myself, but just relatively private.”

Graham’s music can be considered a pop/soul hybrid, a genre that seems to work in his favor. As of writing, the song currently sits at just under 50 million views on YouTube, and is #3 on the Billboard Top 100.

He provides an account of life in a self-governing society, and why Denmark is the “liberal little brother” of Europe.

A previous version of the video above included Mr. Graham stating that one-third of the adult population of Denmark consume marijuana regularly. According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, approximately one-third of adults in Denmark do report having tried marijuana but only 2.7 percent report having used it in the last month. Additionally, Mr. Graham stated that Denmark was the first country to legalize gay marriage and gay adoption. While it was the first country to recognize same sex partnerships and allow adoptions in some circumstances, it was not first in legalizing either gay marriage or gay adoption.