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"We are a country based upon a very important principle - the rule of law," Ryan said

"Yeah, I said here's what we're doing. Here's where we're going. Here's why we're doing it," Ryan said

Washington CNN  — 

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday the Republican Party’s presidential nominee will be chosen in accordance with the convention rules “fairly and transparently.”

“It’s going to be done fairly and transparently by the rules and that’s really all I can say because I just don’t know where this will go,” Ryan, who as House speaker will serve as the party’s convention chairman, told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.”

Ryan’s emphasis on transparency and fairness is likely response to concerns raised by Republican front-runner Donald Trump that the nomination process is “rigged.”

“We are a country based upon a very important principle – the rule of law. And that means, we don’t bend the rules based on the wins of the day,” Ryan said. “We play the rules by the rules. We follow the rules. That is how our party is organized. That’s how the convention will be structured. And we will stick to the rules so that we don’t bend them for anybody.”

The speaker added that all three Republicans seeking the White House – including Trump – are on the same page when it comes to the Wisconsin congressman’s vision for the GOP.

“I’ve spoken to every one of these men and they know where we’re going and they’re comfortable with where we’re going,” he said.

“I feel like we will be able to unify Republicans and conservatives to offer the country this fall a very clear and compelling choice so that the people of this nation get to decide where we go as a country,” he said, adding that his discussion with Trump was a “very pleasant conversation.”