May Ashworth, 86, and her grandson Ben.

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Grandmother Googles an unusual request

Grandson tweets about it, goes viral

London CNN  — 

Step aside, cute baby videos – there’s now a special funny place on the internet for the less tech-savvy. Like these grandparents working out how a webcam works. Or all of these grandparents figuring out Facebook.

The newest member of this club is a British nan whose politeness has turned her into a viral sensation after she Googled an unusual request. Her grandson Ben tweeted it for the enjoyment of all:

“Please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you,” Liverpool-born May Ashworth, 86, asked Google.

Ben, 26, told CNN that he thinks the current hype around the photo is “utterly mad! The fact it’s gone all around the globe is crazy! But it seems to be making people happy which is great.”

“After the absolute atrocity in Orlando people need a reason to smile.”

His tweet has been retweeted more than 16,000 times, and the replies are brilliant:

Oh, and she did get the answer to her question after all, straight from Google.

And this is the two of them together:

It turns out, the internet isn’t such a bad place after all.