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The Boeing 737-400 lost control during landing

The captain and first officer were unharmed

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A DHL cargo plane skidded off a runway and ended up on a road near the airport in Bergamo, Italy, early Friday, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority said.

The plane, a Boeing 737-400, lost control during the landing, went off the runway, plowed through a fence and crashed into the nearby road.

Firefighters work on a DHL cargo plane that skidded off a runway overnight at the airport of Bergamo Orio al Serio in northern Italy, crashing through a guard rail onto a highway on Friday, August 5.

The two people onboard, the captain and first officer, were unharmed, according to a statement from the Italian authorities.

The DHL courier company's Boeing 737-400 cargo aircraft rests on a road after it came off the runway during landing at airport of Bergamo Orio al Serio, Italy, on Friday, August 5.

“It is understood that there was heavy rain at the airport at the time of the incident,”ASL Airlines Hungary, which owns the aircraft, said in a statement.

“A rapid response team has been dispatched from the airline’s headquarters in Budapest.”

A cargo plane skidded off the runway and into the road at the Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport in Italy.
A Boeing 737 cargo plane crashed onto a road in Italy.
A cargo plane, Boeing 373 belonging to DHL couriers has dramatically crashed onto a road in Italy.

Dramatic pictures of the incident showed the aircraft protruding well into the road with debris shattered on the ground. Workers at the scene estimated that it would take hours to clean up the scene, CNN affiliate Rai News 24 reported.

Flight BCS 7332 had departed from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and landed early Friday morning at the Orio al Serio Airport in northern Italy.

The two people onboard were not injured.

The airport has since re-opened, but the incident resulted in several delayed or canceled flights.