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Pamela Anderson: porn killed 'Playboy'
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Pamela Anderson said porn 'is ruining relationships' and 'killed Playboy'

She is calling for a 'sensual revolution'

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Pamela Anderson doesn’t have a problem with nudity, but she does take issue with some pornography.

Anderson co-wrote an opinion piece about the dangers of porn for the Wall Street Journal last week, and on Friday told CNN porn “is ruining relationships.”

“I know sometimes people think it’s hypocritical of me because there was a tape stolen from my house,” Anderson said. “I’m talking about violent porn.”

In 1995, a sex tape of Anderson and her husband at the time, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, was taken from their property and distributed without their initial permission.

Regarding her warnings about pornography, Anderson said “it’s a terrible addiction.” She added that she’s writing a book about sensuality and the importance of human interaction.

The model and actress has been featured on the cover of Playboy magazine 15 times, including the magazine’s last issue to feature nude women.

“I think porn killed Playboy,” she said.

Anderson, who recently turned 49, also addressed how it feels to age when you’re seen by many as a sex symbol.

“I have the same issues that every other woman has, like what’s happening to me?” she laughed. “You can’t quite put your finger on it but something’s different. It’s called aging. But it’s good, I can’t wait until I’m old with no teeth. It’ll be fun.”

Anderson said she knows she can’t turn back the clock.

“We all get older and we have to embrace our age. Age gracefully and still have fun,” she said. “I have a young spirit so I think that’s what kind of stays young.”