11 of the best African Inktober drawings

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On Instagram the month of October is all about art

During Inktober artists create ink based drawings for the 31 days of the month

Created by Jake Parker in 2009, Inktober has become a global trend with African's picking up their pens and getting involved.

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During the month of October Instagram is all about art.

Inktober, a trend started by American illustrator Jake Parker, sees artists from across the globe make an ink based drawing for 31 days.

Parker came up with the idea in 2009, but Inktober has now become a worldwide trend, that has cut across borders with many of Africa’s most talented artists jumping on board.

Producing 31 different art works within the space of 31 days might seem like a daunting task but for illustrator and painter, Musa Ganiyy Olushola it’s all about the challenge and the commitment.

“Inktober requires commitment because to draw for 31 days isn’t much easy,” Olushola told CNN.

Parker sought to improve his own inking skills and Olushola is one of the artists that has benefited from it.

“Thanks to Inktober I’ve been able to get better at inking,” he said. “it has taken me back to the rudiments of illustration, studying anatomy, body postures, and even facial expressions because these are the things I look at before jumping into any work.”

For Akinwade Ayodeji Inktober has given him more confidence in his skills despite some of the setbacks producing art in Nigeria.

“My only challenge is the access to art materials our contemporaries in USA use,” Ayodeji told CNN. “The set of pens I currently use were bought from Amazon, so it limits artistic expression.”

Check out some of the best images by African artists for Inktober in our gallery above.