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Editor’s Note: The data used is not reflective of global trends overall but of Google users.

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Many Americans might be suffering from election fatigue as we enter the final stretch before voting day, but if Google search traffic is any indication, the world is still more than interested.

Over the last week, global searches related to the election have surged – particularly in Canada, Uganda, Ghana, Ireland and Nigeria, the countries outside the US where Google search interest has been the highest over the past 7 days.

According to this week’s trends, here’s what the rest of the world wants to know before America heads to the polls.


The Irish want to know where to place their bets. Searches related to election odds and a popular online betting site rose in popularity throughout the week. The search “Trump win” increased by 5000%, which might suggest gambler’s regret – one betting website has already paid out $1.1 million on a Clinton victory.


In Singapore, it’s all about Clinton and the dollar. Singaporeans searching for information about Clinton’s FBI probe are also querying the Dow Jones and the price of Groupon shares.

When news broke that the FBI was looking into new Clinton emails, the Dow dropped 125 points, but then rebounded later in the day once more information was released.

Most investors are hoping for a Clinton win.


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In Ghana, people want to know when the election is; Ugandans are looking for recent polling statistics. Nigerians searching for “the latest on Hillary Clinton” are also checking out CNN polls; Kenyans, meanwhile, prefer Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.

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Australians don’t want to miss the results – and since they are many time zones away, they want to be sure they get their dates right.

Related searches show that Aussies who are into US politics are also interested in what’s going on in Lebanon. Last week, Lebanon elected the former army general Michel Aoun into power, ending the political vacuum which left the country without a head of state for 2 years.

In New Zealand, searches for James Comey, Clinton and the FBI spiked this week. And like the Irish, New Zealanders are also placing their bets on who they think might win.


Canadians are mostly interested in Clinton – searches for James Comey, FBI Clinton and the Clinton emails have been trending since the latest in the email saga broke earlier this week.