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Group of San Diego movers has formed an online brotherhood

The Chargers have been in San Diego 56 years, which means they're leaving behind lifelong fans

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Shockingly, when you are a professional sports team and you choose to leave the city that has supported you for more than 50 years, people in said city are going to be less than thrilled.

After the San Diego Chargers – excuse us, LA Chargers – announced they were moving to Los Angeles next season, a handful of San Diego moving companies put their foot down.

Help move THEIR team to another city? Not over their smoldering Philip Rivers jerseys.

So far, 24 professional moving companies have pledged not to help move the team to Los Angeles. You can see the growing list at

“Our loyalties to the city run deep. We know our Chargers belong at home right here in America’s Finest City,” the site reads.

The idea was born by Ryan Charles, the head of sales and marketing for HireAHelper, a moving company that was founded in San Diego (unlike the Chargers, to be very honest, who actually spent their first measly year of existence in LA.)

Charles told the San Diego Union-Tribune he and others at his company agreed they wouldn’t help with the big move even if they were asked to.

The company decided to call around, and formed a little brotherhood of movers who also agreed they’d rather turn down a paycheck than see the Chargers leave for LA in one of their trucks (and since it’s, you know, an NFL franchise, it would probably be a pretty good paycheck).

“We just wanted to show one last bit of loyalty to the San Diego Chargers before it’s really the Los Angeles Chargers,” he told the Union-Tribune.

The LA Chargers have already endured angry San Diegans burning jerseys, throwing eggs at their team offices and mocking their weird new logo, but this isn’t exactly the same kind of protest. According to Charles and the We Won’t Move You Chargers Mission, it’s all about love.

“We are all professional movers who don’t want to see our 56 years of San Diego Chargers history be pulled out from under us,” the site reads.

It’s okay guys. At least you still have the Padres?