Zombie rip
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It’s not like marauding hordes of zombies are roaming the streets of Illinois, but state lawmakers think that’s no reason not to be prepared.

The legislature has declared October “Zombie Preparedness Month.”

Why? Because, as House ResoIution 0030 says, “If the citizens of Illinois are prepared for zombies, than [sic] they are prepared for any natural disaster.”

The resolution was approved Thursday and yes, at the heart of it, it speaks to a bigger point: Americans, for the most part, aren’t equipped with dealing with natural disasters. Very few have an emergency plan prepared or even supplies of food, water or medicine.

Still, the debate on the House floor as lawmakers considered the measure, made for some interesting moments.

“Rep. Steven Andersson, R-Geneva, questioned which type of zombie should be used as a model for natural disaster preparedness,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

He noted “that the undead featured on the show “Z Nation” are quick and smart. Those portrayed on “The Walking Dead,” though, are slow but come in droves.”

Here’s the full text. It’s good reading:

Zombie resolution

Now that that matter’s settled, perhaps Illinois lawmakers can go back to something equally important: passing a state budget.