Fritz was seen as the successor to Knut, another polar bear that died in Berlin in 2011.
CNN  — 

Fritz, the beloved polar bear cub at the Teirpark Berlin zoo, has died of liver inflammation.

He was born in November 7 and quickly became a local favorite. Besides being ridiculously cute, Fritz was also the first baby polar bear at Tierpark Berlin in 22 years.

The zoo said it found little Fritz lying “listlessly” in his den early Monday morning.

Fritz shared a den at the zoo with his 7-year-old mother Tonja.

After a blood test revealed worrisome liver readings, Fritz was given antibiotics and painkillers. But things just got worse. He was breathing irregularly and by Monday night, he was dead.

This death is far too familiar for Berlin locals.

In 2011, Berlin Zoo’s polar bear Knut, who made international headlines after being abandoned by his mother, died unexpectedly at just four years old.

Despite only living to four months, Fritz made a lasting impression at the zoo.

“We can hardly believe it. We are devastated. It’s incredible how fond we had become of that little polar bear,” Tierpark’s director Dr. Andrea Knieriem said in a statement.