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Up to 45 million people are trapped in slavery, worldwide

On March 14 2017, students took action to fight modern slavery

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What an incredible day. On March 14 2017, students at hundreds of schools, spread across six continents, did something amazing: they came together to form a global community, shining a light on modern-day slavery.

It was colorful, for sure. In Erzurum, Turkey, students produced posters and eye-catching artworks; in Qingdao, China, pupils used hand prints to make their mark against slavery, and in Hertfordshire, England, students had a “Holi run,” throwing colored powder to celebrate freedom.

But there was a serious side too, with debates, film screenings and presentations that brought home the reality of human trafficking, a crime that has some 40 million victims worldwide.

Above all, there was a sense of hope – that with young people as committed and creative as these, slavery can become a thing of the past.

Read through our live coverage below to see how the day unfolded.