08 Yemen war
CNN  — 

Two years on and the conflict in Yemen shows little signs of abating. A Saudi-led coalition of regional states and Houthi rebels continue to bombard one another, while terrorist groups operate unhindered – leaving millions of civilians in the crossfire.

The conflict has devastated Yemen’s economy and spurred a humanitarian crisis, with civilians unable to afford shelter, food or medicine, and aid groups powerless to reach vulnerable communities.

Below is a snapshot of the unfolding crisis:

A Yemeni man offers prayers at the portrait adorned grave of his relative who was killed in the ongoing conflict in Yemen, at cemetery in Sanaa.
A displaced girl holds her brother at a camp for internally displaced people near the town of Abs, located on Yemen's western coastal plain.
An infant receives a polio vaccination during a house-to-house polio immunization campaign in Sanaa.
In the impoverished coastal village on the outskirts of the rebel-held Yemeni port city of Hodeida where malnutrition has hit the population hard.
A Yemeni vendor waits for customers at a market in the old city of Sanaa.
A Yemeni man in a wheelchair makes his way at a slum in Sanaa.
Displaced families who fled fighting in the southern city of Aden wait for relief supplies during a food distribution effort by Yemeni volunteers, in Taiz.