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President Donald Trump’s tweets look nothing like the statements customarily made by commanders in chief. But they are the most direct window into the President’s thinking.

So a new Twitter account is automatically transforming his social media outbursts into official-looking press releases from the White House. The bot checks Trump’s account every five minutes before putting them on official-looking White House letterhead and posting the statement to social media.

“The Justice Department should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct versions they submitted to S.C.,” tweeted RealPressSecBot Monday shortly after the President’s eye-opening tweet unercutting his own lawyers.

Another example:

And another:

The account was created by Russel Neiss, a St. Louis-based activist and technologist.

Trump’s Twitter usage is a constant reminder of how different he is from past presidents and the traditional, carefully orchestrated pronouncements typically associated with the office.

His tweets represent Trump at his most authentic and defiant, lashing out when he feels he is under attack, and appeared to reflect a belief that only he, and not his staff, is qualified to speak in his own defense.