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Charles Bierbauer, CNN's senior Washington correspondent, has spent more years at the White House than any U.S. president except Franklin D. Roosevelt. He has also traveled with presidents to all 50 states and more than 30 nations. As senior Washington correspondent, Bierbauer reports and provides analysis about events in Washington and around the globe. His position was created in 1992 specifically to take advantage of his expertise in national and presidential politics and policies.

Bierbauer was the network's senior White House correspondent for nine years during the Reagan and Bush administrations. He joined CNN in 1981 as its defense correspondent. Bierbauer also covered the 1984, 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns and served as podium reporter for both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. He was also the host of CNN's Newsmaker Saturday for a decade, 1985-1995, a weekly report featuring in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers.

In addition to his domestic expertise, Bierbauer has 12 years' experience as an international journalist. He covered all U.S.-Soviet summits beginning with Ford-Brezhnev in 1975 through Bush- Yeltsin in 1992. He was an ABC News bureau chief and correspondent in Moscow and Bonn from 1978 - 1981. Before that time, Bierbauer worked with Westinghouse Broadcasting as a foreign editor in London, a bureau chief in Bonn and an East European correspondent in Vienna. He was a past president of the White House Correspondents Association. He holds a B.A. in Russian and an M.A. in journalism from Penn State.

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