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Chet Edwards (D)

District 11 (Central--Waco)

BORN: Nov. 24, 1951, Corpus Christi

EDUCATION: Texas A&M U, B.A., 1974; Harvard, M.B.A., 1981

FAMILY: Wife, Lea Ann Wood

RELIGION: Methodist


OCCUPATION: Radio-station executive

POLITICAL CAREER: Sought Democratic nomination for U.S. House, 1978; Texas Senate, 1983-90; U.S. House, 1990-

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 182, Waco 76703. Tel.: 817-776-6100

Edwards nearly altered the course of Texas politics in 1978, losing a Democratic primary to Phil Gramm by a mere 115 votes. He had to wait until 1990 to win a U.S. House seat, and immediately earned a reputation for independence as a member of the "Gang of Six"--one of six freshmen Democrats who repeatedly urged their reluctant party leaders to vote on a balanced-budget amendment.


Budget NO

Medicare NO

Defense NO

Abortion NO

Guns NO

Gays YES

Bosnia NO


Welfare NO*

Medical Leave YES

(For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "It is terribly wrong for Speaker Gingrich and the Gingrich Republicans of this House to use federal employees and their families as hostages during this budget debate."

Jay Mathis (R)

District 11

BORN: June 7, 1966, Waco

EDUCATION: Baylor U, B.A., 1988

FAMILY: Wife, Lydia; two children

RELIGION: Protestant


OCCUPATION: Insurance agent; estate planner


ADDRESS: P.O. Box 22033, Waco 76702. Tel.: 817-741-6529

The shift toward the G.O.P. throughout Texas gives the youthful Mathis his best chance of defeating third-term incumbent Chet Edwards. Mathis supports the Contract with America and would like to see a Federal Government with less influence on taxation and education. But it may be tough convincing Waco voters to support him: the 11th has only had three different representatives in the past 50 years.


Budget YES

Medicare YES

Defense NR

Abortion YES

Guns NO

Gays NO

Bosnia YES


Welfare YES

Medical Leave NO

(For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "Liberal 'Hug-a-Thug' policies have failed us. I favor tougher sentencing and no parole for violent criminals to keep criminals off our streets."

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