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  • LIFE at the Conventions, 1948 -1996
    A photo-extravaganza celebrating that grand fixture of American politics: the presidential convention. From LIFE Magazine

  • Find Your Real Friends In Washington
    We've tallied the voting records of all 534 Senators and Representatives of the 104th Congress on issues that affect your pocketbook, and offer you a chance to see who votes the way you would. From Money Daily

  • Full text of GOP speeches here

  • Biography of Robert Dole
    The quintessential Washington insider is running on a promise of returning power to the people. Find out where this candidate has come from and what he plans for the country's future.

  • Weird Facts
    Did you realize that Mao Tse-Tung once received a vote at a national political convention? It's true. And so is a lot more. Check out all these bizarre facts, anecdotes and trivia.

  • Hot Links
    Check out our list of web sites related to the host city of San Diego, the Republican party and convention issues

  • Delegate Diaries
    We've enlisted the help of Republican delegates for a view from the convention's epicenter. Check here for an unfiltered look at San Diego '96 through their eyes.

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