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Welcome to AllPolitics' coverage of the
1996 Republican National Convention

* Your questions on the air with CNN
Got questions about the convention, the GOP, the upcoming campaign? Send them to editor@AllPolitics and we'll try to answer them on the air.

* Editor's Picks
The best bytes of the convention, from the editors at AllPolitics
* News
Get the latest breaking news, on and off the convention floor; grab the latest nuggets from TIME Daily; go behind the scenes with The Insider; see things from a kid's-eye view with Children's Express
* Facts
Learn just about everything you could possibly want to know: the evolution of the GOP abortion plank; state delegation profiles; famous speeches; weird facts; state election data; GOP history; keys to the political calendar
* Interactive
Reconnect with the political process: sound off in Voter's Voice; chat online with key players; Take A Stand on critical issues; ask your questions and get some answers; engage in a debate on Dialogue
* The Players
Everything -- and we mean everything -- you want to know about Bob Dole and other key Republican players, including Colin Powell and Elizabeth Dole
* Hot Links
So you want to know about the GOP convention and San Diego? Check out these links, which prove that the Web is the next best thing to being there.
* Sights & Sounds
AllPolitics knows how to tell the story from every angle. Check out this full multimedia approach to political news.
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