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To: AllPolitics
Fm: Ed Turner/CNN
In: San Diego
Posted: Aug. 13, 1996

Subject: Life In The Anchor Booth Day 2

Permit a personal honk here. Once again aloud in the land is heard the voice of those who think we media elite types are being managed and are sitting on all kinds of really good stories that we are keeping from you about the Republicans. Wronnng. We would eat our young, sell our grandmothers to a riverboat captain and give name, rank, serial number and the exact location of the troops to find an exclusive and break it at this convocation of moderation and harmony.

Political junksters everywhere know that moderation, harmony, love, kindness and goodwill to persons is not the stuff of news, and when you got 24 hours to fill it can be downright depressing. I fear believers of the great cabal theory of history -- Vince Foster killed Lee Harvey Oswald is the latest -- will not accept this truth, but you should see the slather around the reporter's mouths in the CNN ready room as the convention begins each day. Not something for children to know about and likely most upsetting to their mothers.

Life in the anchorbooth, Day Two. Late convention start today so pace less frantic. Dole communications director John Buckley stops by to communicate with Sesno, Blitzer, Schneider; I listen since it is right behind my chair in our luxurious suite (my place is just past the solarium and near the indoor pool). Buckley opines (hey, there's a really silly word, created for headline writers) that the Dole-Kemp gang is on message and the message is tax cuts. But he tells us the Dole acceptance speech will address the swampy issue of abortion -- swamp is my word, not Buckley's. He is a dapper fellow, slick as a Rolls Royce dealer, droll humour, pin-stripped understatement. Dole needed Buckley about a year ago.

Back in the booth, meantime, traffic heavy as Congs Watts, Hyde, Sen. Snow, Cong. Kasich, Pat Buchanan come by for interviews. Most have to go to makeup, just behind my chair, and all are inevitably cordial to the TammyMakeup, as well you would be too if you don't want to go on with a black smear down your nose. Sen. Specter said earlier it was hot in the hall but it wasn't the air conditioning, it was the egos. Buchanan, who has been a CNN staff member for years -- between presidential races and is now truly a national figure -- has the aura of the well known, not in anything different he does, but it is there, as sure as a slip stream. He remains affable, has some campaign stories, is lobbying with a political point, the same as over the years when he was a mere co-host on Crossfire. Ah, change. I don't like it.

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