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Hillary Clinton's Sworn Statements Questioned

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, May 1) -- Whitewater prosecutors have identified inconsistencies with Hillary Rodham Clinton's sworn statement regarding a meeting she had with the Clinton's Whitewater partner James McDougal.

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Mrs. Clinton stated previously she discussed an overdue legal bill with McDougal in April 1985. But that bill was paid off in 1984, according to the president of one of McDougal's banks, and Rose law firm records also show that a $5,000 payment was made in November 1984.

Whitewater investigators are now wondering if Mrs. Clinton and McDougal were discussing something germane to their inquiry. McDougal, for his part, says he doesn't recall the conversation Mrs. Clinton described.

White House attorney David Kendall told the Associated Press that "the first lady's sworn statement has accurately set forth her beliefs at the time," pointing out the events took place many years ago.


Separately, Senate Whitewater investigators said they were interested in reviewing FBI reports that detailed the discovery of Mrs. Clinton's fingerprints on her Whitewater billing records which were discovered in the White House residence last January.

"It is clear to me that whoever left those records in the White House residence is guilty of a felony," Sen. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) said during a Whitewater hearing Tuesday. "If the FBI analysis brings us closer to a conclusion as to who is behind the mysterious appearance of these records, I think we have a duty to examine that evidence."

The White House maintains that information is controlled by the Whitewater grand jury.

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