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Perot Will Run For President, If Nominated


WASHINGTON (July 10) -- Billionaire Ross Perot said on CNN's "Larry King Live" Wednesday night that he will make another run for the White House, if his Reform Party decides to nominate him. (102K WAV sound)

Perot, 66, has frequently used "Larry King Live" to announce his intentions. In 1992, he told King he would run for president if people in all 50 states got his name on the ballot. Last year, he announced on the show his plans to build a third party.

[Quote from Perot]

Today, Perot expanded on his comments, saying he is the best qualified to be the Reform Party's nominee, and would do whatever it takes to win.

"If anybody should do it, I should do it, and I will do it and I'm in a unique position to do it," Perot said during an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Republican rival Bob Dole said he hopes Perot won't run. "I would hope it would be a two-man race," Dole said on Don Imus' radio program.

If he does decide to run, Perot will have some competition within the party he founded.


Former Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm said Wednesday he believed he could win the Reform Party's presidential nomination even if Perot runs. Lamm announced his intention Tuesday to seek the nomination.

"These people (party members) are bigger than Perot. Even if he runs, I stand a chance," Lamm said.

Perot built the Reform Party in the wake of his 1992 presidential run. The maverick businessman spent $70 million in that attempt and came in third with 19 percent of the vote.

He has repeatedly said the party and its principles are more important than his political aspirations.

The Reform Party is mailing a write-in survey to its members this week to determine who will be listed on a nomination ballot at the party's convention August 11. The survey is expected to reach close to 1 million of the 1.3 million people who have signed petitions to get the party on state ballots in November.

So far, organizers have succeeded in getting the Reform Party or a designated candidate certified for 21 state ballots.

Clinton unimpressed

White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry said when he told President Clinton what Perot said on the CNN show, Clinton responded, "That's interesting. Let me tell you about my golf game."

McCurry said Clinton shot an 83, after finishing the last three holes in the dark. The press secretary said the administration would not take a stand on Perot's announcement: "We'll deal with it when whomever wins."

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