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Starr Decides Not To Retry Arkansas Bankers

[Starr]WASHINGTON (CNN, Sept. 13 ) -- Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr announced today that he would not re-try Arkansas bankers Herby Branscum Jr. and Robert Hill on the seven criminal charges on which a federal jury deadlocked last month.

In what was widely seen as a victory for President Bill Clinton, the jury found the president's friends Branscum and Hill not guilty on four of 11 counts involving financial transactions to help then-Governor Clinton's 1990 re-election campaign. But the jury was unable to reach verdicts on the remaining seven counts against the men, owners of the Perry County Bank.

[Branscom and Hill]Starr's staff had until Sept. 30 to decide whether to pursue a new trial for Branscum and Hill on the remaining charges. In a written statement released by his Little Rock, Ark. office, Starr said that after a review, "We have determined not to proceed with a retrial on the remaining seven counts. This afternoon we filed with the court a motion to dismiss those counts."

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