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  • More FBI Files Testimony
  • Law, Not Politics, Says Starr
  • FBI: No Contact With Torricelli
  • Re-Election Comes First For Some, Gingrich Says

  • More FBI Files Testimony

    fbi file

    WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Oct. 4) -- A former White House employee says she told the chief of White House personnel security that sensitive background summaries were being gathered on ex-presidential aides, lawyers and congressional sources say. The former staffer, Mari Anderson, testified Tuesday to Senate investigators, Judiciary Committee chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said. The testimony undercuts Craig Livingstone, then-head of the White House office of personnel security, who has said he didn't know about file-gathering on hundreds of former Republican appointees. Hatch also said the White House held a big national parks bill hostage in the Senate to get Republicans to postpone a hearing on the FBI files controversy. "You have to wonder why they were so panic-stricken" about the prospect of a hearing next week by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hatch said.

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    Law, Not Politics, Says Starr

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AllPolitics, Oct. 4) -- Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr says there was nothing improper about him speaking at a law school founded by Pat Robertson, one of President Bill Clinton's political foes. "If I were asked to attend a political event I would respectfully decline," Starr told reporters. But he said it was appropriate for him to be at the Regent University school because his speech was on legal issues. Afterward, he said his Whitewater probe "is at an important phase." Mark Fabiani, special associate counsel to the president, said Starr has ties "to sworn enemies of the president, including the tobacco industry, right-wing groups and the Republican Party..."

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    FBI: No Contact With Torricelli

    robert torricelli

    NEWARK (AllPolitics, Oct. 4) -- The FBI now says it never spoke with U.S. Senate candidate Robert Torricelli about his relationship with a former client and campaign contributor who is a fugitive. Torricelli says he cared for the daughter of Korean businessman Harvard Jee for four months about 10 years ago after her father left the country. But he says he did not know the man was being sought by federal authorities. Jee remains a fugitive from 1984 federal charges that he defrauded California banks of $34 million dollars.

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    Re-Election Comes First For Some, Gingrich Says

    NEW YORK (AllPolitics, Oct. 4) -- House Republicans who face close races should give priority to getting re-elected before worrying about Bob Dole's White House bid, according to House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Gingrich told The New York Times that members from safe districts should campaign for Dole and get out the GOP vote, but in close races, members should "talk to your pollsters, do what gets you elected and call home afterward." The speaker said he thought Dole would rally to win the presidential election.

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