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The Democratic Fund-Raising Flap

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Justice Department, Grand Jury Want DNC Records


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 3) -- In the expanding probe of questionable Democratic campaign fund-raising, Justice Department lawyers and a federal grand jury are seeking records on more than 40 people and corporations.

USA Today, citing an internal Democratic National Committee memorandum, said investigators have subpoenaed contribution records and records relating to former Democratic fund-raiser John Huang.

Among the subjects of the inquiries, USA Today reported, are lobbyist Paul Berry of Little Rock, Ark., and Global USA, Inc., a Washington lobbying firm with Japanese and South Korean business firms as clients.

Berry, who sometimes plays golf with President Bill Clinton, is a consultant to Global USA and once was a vice president at the firm. A Global vice president, Lottie Shackleford, serves as a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Both Berry and Shackleford have denied raising money from overseas contributions or individuals. Under federal law, overseas corporations and most citizens of other countries cannot contribute to American political campaigns.


Berry also has ties to the Lippo Group, the Indonesian conglomerate at the center of the controversy over questionable overseas contributions to the Democrats.

The latest subpoenas, delivered in early January, follow ones issued in December by the Justice Department seeking information from the White House and the president's legal defense trust. Those sought details about the return of $460,000 in money raised by Clinton friend Charles Yah Lin Trie.

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