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DNC Fund-Raising Flap

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Subpoena Suggests Investigation Of Clinton Campaign

Arkansas businessman who sold tickets to 1995 Clinton events ordered to talk

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 4) -- An Arkansas subpoena may be the first sign that the Justice Department's campaign finance investigation is looking beyond the Democratic National Committee and eyeing President Bill Clinton's re-election campaign as well.

Paul C. Berry, a friend of the president's who sold tickets to two Clinton campaign events, says he has been ordered to describe the work he did for the campaign.

"I served on about a 50-person committee that sold tickets" to two 1995 Clinton-Gore events, Berry told The Associated Press. "They weren't even DNC events...I am not a DNC fund-raiser."

The Justice Department's campaign finance task force has been looking into allegations that the Democratic Party broke federal election laws through its aggressive solicitation of "soft money" from foreign and domestic donors.

But there's been no sign until now that Justice might also be looking into the president's campaign apparatus. White House spokesman Lanny Davis told AP on Monday he was unaware of any Justice scrutiny of the president's campaign.

Berry, a registered foreign agent who used to be a vice president of a Washington lobbying firm, told AP he thinks he's been singled out because he's an associate of C.J. Giroir, an Arkansas businessman who has ties to the Lippo Group and its owners, the Riady family. Lippo and the Riadys have figured prominently in several areas of the controversy over campaign finance.

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