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Whitewater Memo, Due Soon, Lays Out Case

Starr will use document to decide whether to issue indictments


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 6) -- The staff of Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr is putting the finishing touches on a document that lays out the pros and cons of issuing indictments to top administration members, including President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary.

Starr had been due to review his staff's document late last week, but asked for some changes, which will be completed in the next few weeks, according to attorneys. Once its done, Starr will hold a meeting with his Arkansas and Washington staffs to decide whether to issue indictments.

"Evaluation time is here," a lawyer told The Associated Press.

"The memo summarizes all the evidence from day one," a prosecutor told AP. The document, which runs several hundred pages, weighs the strengths and weaknesses of all the evidence accumulated against the Clintons and others.


Prosecutors said Wednesday that they had received "new and important information" from Jim McDougal, a Whitewater business partner of President Clinton's who was convicted of bank fraud last May. McDougal has been cooperating with Starr's probe since August. Prosecutors need some time to verify the new information.

Starr is barred from bringing charges based on actions directly surrounding the failed Arkansas land development called Whitewater. Instead, he is focusing on whether the Clintons and others obstructed justice during investigations of the original actions.

The Clintons' Whitewater lawyer, David Kendall, said Wednesday that "analysis certainly is to be expected" by Starr and his staff, but "as we've said in the past, we are confident that fair-minded people will conclude that it is time to put the so-called Whitewater matter behind us once and for all," he said.

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