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CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Clinton Rides High

first half of the CNN/Time survey

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President's Approval Rating Stays At High Levels

By Keating Holland/CNN

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 8) -- President Bill Clinton's approval rating remains high in the wake of his State of the Union address. A full 62 percent of the public approves of the way he is handling his job, according a new CNN/TIME survey. That is a slight increase over his 58 percent approval rating in early January.

The poll's findings track those of a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released earlier this week. The first half of the CNN/Time survey was released Friday.

The poll of 1,012 adult Americans was conducted Feb. 5-6, 1997, and has a margin of sampling error of +/- 3 percentage points for the entire sample.

Clinton Approval Rating

Approve       62%
Disapprove    31

Nonetheless, Americans are pessimistic about the future of the next generation. Only 27 percent say that today's children will be better off than current generations; two-thirds feel that the next generation will be worse off economically. In 1986, only 39 percent said that the next generation will be worse off economically.

Will Next Generation Be Worse Off Economically?

               Now   1986

Yes            67%    39%
No             27     48

The public thinks that Clinton should pay more attention to improving the country's education system than a balanced budget, Social Security, health care costs or campaign finance reform. Of those five issues, 34 percent say that education should be the highest priority in Clinton's second term in office. Next on the list is balancing the budget, with 28 percent support. Only 3 percent say that campaign finance reform should be Clinton's highest priority in his second term.

Which Should Be Clinton's Top Priority?

Education          34%
Budget             28
Health care        17
Social Security    13
Campaign finance    3

What are the public's priorities in international affairs? Promoting political stability in Russia -- a key reason for the Yeltsin-Clinton summit announced on Friday -- ranks low on the public's list. Only 45 percent say that Russia should be a top priority or high priority for the U.S. foreign policy. By contrast, 88 percent say that drug trafficking should be a top priority or a high priority. Eighty percent say the same about international terrorism and nuclear arms control. Two-thirds say the same about keeping Saddam Hussein from threatening Iraq's neighbors.

Top/High Priority For U.S. Policy

Drugs              88%
Terrorism          80
Nuclear arms       80
Chemical weapons   78
Iraq               65
Middle East        56
Bosnia             48
Russia             45
China              45

The public continues to oppose the presence of U.S. troops in Bosnia. A majority, 54 percent, disapprove of having troops there. A majority also feels that the U.S. should take a strong stand on human rights in China, even if this might jeopardize diplomatic and trade relations with that country. Two-thirds have a favorable opinion of the United Nations.

U.S. Troops in Bosnia

Favor      40%
Oppose     54

Should U.S. Take Strong Stand On Human Rights in China?

Yes       54%
No        32

Opinion of United Nations

Very favorable      21%
Somewhat favorable  52
Unfavorable         24

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