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Democrats To Return Another $1 Million


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 21) -- With an exhaustive review of its finances due to be completed next week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will likely return an additional $1 million in questionable donations, Democratic sources said. But the Democratic Party's new chairman said some donations have been unfairly returned.

Newly installed party head Roy Romer, who is Colorado's governor, told The Associated Press his party "may not have been fair" in returning gifts from non-U.S. citizens. But he also acknowledged a forthcoming audit will identify "some things that we haven't yet found."

Since October, the Democratic Party has returned some $1.6 million in questionable donations, much of it raised by former DNC fund-raiser John Huang, whom Romer today said should cooperate with House investigators.

Romer echoed President Bill Clinton's justification for fund-raising mistakes: the current campaign finance laws. "I think the rules under which we work are very bad," he said. "I think campaign finance needs substantial reform," he said, reiterating Democratic support for banning so-called "soft money" contributions, unrestricted donations to the political parties.

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