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Report: Starr Rules Out Foul Play In Foster Death

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 23) -- Independent counsel Kenneth Starr has concluded that presidential aide Vincent Foster was not murdered and that President Bill Clinton and the first lady were not involved in a coverup, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.


The Times quotes anonymous sources as saying Starr's report covers more than 100 pages and is due to be released soon.

The report refutes claims by conservative political organizations that Foster was the victim of a murder plot and coverup, the newspaper said.

"It puts the lie to that bunch of nuts out there spinning conspiracy theories and talking about murder and coverups," one source told the paper.


Starr's probe marks the third investigation into Foster's July 1993 death. The earlier examinations -- carried out by a coroner and Robert Fiske Jr., Starr's predecessor as independent counsel -- also determined Foster's death was a suicide.

However, despite those findings, right-wing political groups have continued to allege that there was more to the death and that the president and first lady tried to cover it up.

Foster, who served as deputy White House counsel, was a close friend of the Clintons and a former law partner of the first lady. Among his other duties, Foster helped prepare the tax returns of the Whitewater Development Corp., the controversial Arkansas real estate venture involving the Clintons.

According to the Times, the independent counsel's office had signaled that a report in the case would be forthcoming, first by the end of 1995, then the summer of 1996, then by the end of 1996.

Starr has not indicated when he might release the report.

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