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Americans Are Split On Clinton's Fund-Raising Tactics

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 27) -- Americans are equally divided over whether President Bill Clinton was right or wrong to invite contributors to spend the night in the White House's Lincoln Bedroom, according to a new USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll.

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

Asked whether it was wrong to use the Lincoln Bedroom in that manner, 42 percent of people surveyed said it was all right, while 42 percent said it was wrong.

The survey was based on interviews Wednesday evening with 627 people. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus four percentage points.

But once again, a majority of Americans are willing to overlook potential wrongdoing when evaluating Clinton as president. Asked whether they think the issue was relevant to Clinton's character and ability to serve as president, 53 percent said it was not, compared to 39 percent who said it was.

Other highlights from the poll:

Question: Do you think that Clinton's use of the White House in this manner was worse than what recent presidents of both parties have done to raise campaign funds, or was it typical of what recent presidents of both parties have done?

Clinton's Use of Lincoln Bedroom
Typical 63 percent
Worse 22

Question: How do you feel about Clinton's role in fund-raising for the Democratic Party? Do you feel angry, disappointed but not angry, pleased, or don't you care one way or the other?

Angry 13 percent
Disappointed 27
Pleased 11
Don't care 45

Question: Which comes closer to your opinion: (a) An independent counsel should be appointed to investigate Clinton's fund-raising activities, or (b) Enough is already being done by Congress and the Justice Department to investigate Clinton's fund-raising activities?

Should Be Appointed 43 percent
Enough Is Being Done 50

Question: What do you think the Clinton Administration was trying to do when it invited major contributors to stay overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom -- (a) it was mostly thanking them for their support in the past, or (b) it was mostly trying to get them to contribute funds to the 1996 presidential campaign.

Thank supporters 35 percent
Raise money 51

Question: Which comes closer to your opinion: (a) Clinton is trying to cover up what he really did in his fund-raising activities, or (b) Clinton is cooperating as much as possible in letting the public know what he did in his fund-raising activities?

Cover-up 42 percent
Cooperate 47

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