The Week Of April 14, 1997

How Washington Works...Arms Deals
The inside story of how the Pentagon and big defense contractors got the President to open the way for weapons sales to Latin America
By Douglas Waller

TIME magazine

A Tube For Tomorrow
The FCC clears the way for high-definition digital tv's long-delayed debut. is this a good thing?
BY Michael Krantz

Money In Motion
Yes, Mr. Greenspan, Sir: Ignore The Fed Chairman At Your Peril
By Dan Kadlec

Backlash Against HMOs
Doctors, patients, unions, legislators are fed up and say they won't take it anymore
By George J. Church

Acting Presidents
Hollywood's Oval Office Is Getting Mighty Crowded
By Bruce Handy

The Hubbell Rescue Mission
The White House seems to have a credible story, but what took so long, and why does it look so bad?
By Karen Tumulty

Madeleine's Big Pitch