Wednesday April 9, 1997

New House Subpoenas Target Clinton Advisors, Confidantes

Eliminate Capital Gains And Estate Taxes, Speaker Says

Senators Want To Shut Down Social Security Site

Public Doubts Clinton's Commitment To Reform

Gingrich: Put More Pressure On Arafat

News Briefs: L.A. Mayor Wins Re-Election Easily...

Spotlight: Dem, GOP Tests In Connecticut, Arizona

E-mail From Washington: Clinton To Launch Race Relations Push

E-mail From Washington: Gingrich: Amendment On Tax Hikes 'Guaranteed To Pass'

CQ News: Ho-Hum 1996 Elections Surprisingly Historic

CQ News: NC's Map Heads To Judges for OK

CQ Special Report: Campaign Finance

Overhaul Remains Unpopular, But Hearings Raise the Heat

Inquiry on Campaign Finance: Burning With a Short Fuse

Bipartisan Base May Crack Further As Senate Panel's Probe Proceeds

Thompson: Down-Home Demeanor And a Bit of Beltway Brawn

Burton Panel Faces Tough Fight Over Scope, Procedures

Will "Pit Bull" Burton's Polemics Last Or Mellow in the High-Profile Probe?

A Frantic Push To Fill Dance Card

Nonstop Pursuit of Campaign Funds Increasingly Drives the System

Democrats Aim To Pull Republicans, Fundraising System Into Spotlight

From Arms to Buddhists to Coffee: The ABCs of the Investigations

'96 Case Eased Curbs on Party Spending

'76 Case Curbed Donations, Not Spending

History of Changes In Campaign Law

Tales of Scandal and Intrigue Have Been Part of Probes