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The 53rd annual dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association paired television celebrities with policy wonks and offered both the opportunity to relax. Saturday Night Live stars, Norm Macdonald and Darrell Hammond, a.k.a the "Clinton clone," joined President Bill Clinton and White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry on the podium.

President Clinton gave his review of the television coverage of his knee injury, "breaking news, breaking knee." (2.2MB QuickTime movie)
But CNN wasn't the only one on the president's hit list, the recent activities of his 1992 rival were also fair game. (2.6MB QuickTime movie)

Hammond Darrell Hammond brought his version of President Clinton to the dinner playing Clinton's clone. (864K QuickTime movie) He also joined in Clinton's running joke and poked fun at President Bush.

Although he didn't come in Bob Dole garb, Norm MacDonald's weeknight update included shots at the president, Dick Morris and CNN's Larry King. (621K QuickTime movie) macdonald

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