The Week Of April 21, 1997

Time's 25 Most Influential Americans

TIME magazine

The Cheerful Giver
A businessman with a corner on publishing court documents was also a master of political donations
By Viveca Novak and Michael Weisskopf

Passing The Hat For Newt
By Calvin Trillin

Lost In The E-Mail
Everyone is doing it. And that's the problem. The chatty, the cowardly and the conniving are clotting the electronic-mail revolution
By S.C. Gwynne and John F. Dickerson

A Blue-Ribbon County
By Adam Cohen

The Great American Welfare Lab
Wisconsin has cut its rolls by half. Many former recipients are working, but where have the rest of them gone?
By Adam Cohen

Hatching Mischief
The Utah Senator angers G.O.P. leaders by pushing a health-insurance bill for kids. But, hey, it could pass
By James Carney

Washington Diary
Only In My Backyard
By Margaret Carlson