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Time's 25 Most Influential Americans

Political Donations: An Investment With Great Returns

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Taming The E-Mail Monster

Marquette County: A Shining Example

The Welfare Experiment

Margaret Carlson on A Pundit's Conversion

A Maverick In The Senate

Notebook: True Political Colors

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Your true colors are showing

TIME magazine


The Founding Fathers
The line-item veto is judged unconstitutional. Madison can stop spinning in his grave

Representative Dan Burton
Forget the faux bipartisanship. Dan issues 101 subpoenas, all aimed at the White House

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Sixteen descendants of F.D.R. say their jaunty forebear should be depicted in a wheelchair

& Losers

Representative Tom Delay
Civility fails as the testy No. 3 Republican is led off the floor after shoving colleague David Obey

Hong Kong
Tiananmen Square with boutiques? New, no more Mr. Nice Guy rulers nix civil liberties

Sorry, old boy. Aloof agency admits it knew all along poison gas was in Iraqi ammo dumps


"That's part of the continuing saga of Whitewater...the never-ending fictional conspiracy that...reminds me of some people's obsession with UFOs and the Hale-Bopp comet."

--Hillary Clinton, concerning the Webster Hubbell imbroglio, on Washington's WAMU-FM radio

"The next 58,000 deaths would have been prevented if I had done what I could have done."

--Former Defense official Daniel Ellsberg, on his failure to make public in 1964 President Johnson's plans to escalate the war in Vietnam

"My children can't eat the vote. They can't eat democracy. Look at them--they're hungry."

--Pierre Jean, a Port-au-Prince vendor, explaining why many Haitians boycotted this month's elections

"I'm considering a very long vacation when my husband's...term is over."

--Hillary Clinton again, responding to a suggestion that she run for office

--By Kathleen Adams, Janice M. Horowitz, Nadya Labi, Lina Lofaro, Emily Mitchell, Megan Rutherford And Alain L. Sanders

Let's Make A Deal

If budget talks between the White House and Congress falter this week, don't be quick to blame Republican intransigence. An internal G.O.P. strategy memo prepared for House and Senate budget committee chairmen John Kasich and Pete Domenici shows Republicans were so dispirited by their showdown with Clinton last time around that they are ready to put almost everything on the table this year. Drafted in late March and obtained by TIME last week, the memo states that the G.O.P.'s "minimum requirements" for a budget deal with the President are minimal indeed: modest spending reductions, small tax cuts and "saving" Medicare for the short term. The memo also suggests that G.O.P. leaders are still considering whether to "split off" tax cuts from the rest of the budget process.

--By James Carney

Spit and Abolish

There's a whole lot of shakin' going on inside Pentagon combat boots as President Clinton prepares to pick a new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The reason is that one of two top candidates is a tough-talking Leatherneck who thinks today's military are deployed too often for too long and are buying too many weapons at too high a price. The appointment of Marine General John Sheehan, commander of the U.S. Atlantic Command (his main rival is the current Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman, Air Force General Joseph Ralston), would make him the first Marine to serve as the nation's top military officer and could spur serious change. The 6-ft. 2-in. Bostonian and decorated Vietnam vet has riled the Air Force by questioning costly new warplanes, unnerved the Navy by doubting the value of carriers and irked the Army by suggesting the mothballing of some tanks.

--By Mark Thompson

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