Tuesday April 15, 1997

Clinton, Gore Release Their Tax Forms

Republicans Denounce Reno's Decision

Clinton Visits N.Y. To Honor Jackie Robinson

McDougal Likens Clintons To 'Tornadoes'

Tax Day Brings Annual Flood Of Reform Ideas

News Briefs: Bowles: Hubbell Hush Money? 'Absolutely Not'...

E-mail: Another Snag Trips Up Herman's Nomination

'Toons: Mike Luckovich On Affirmative Action

E-mail: HHS launches consumer health information Web site

Voter's Voice: Reno's Decision: Some Strong Opinions

Congressional Quarterly:

Actual 1996 District Votes Belie Ideal of Bipartisanship

Budget Negotiators Seek Early Accord, Profess Limited Optimism

House, Senate Campaign Finance Probes Take Contrasting Approaches

What Chemical Weapons Treaty's Critics Want

Ethics Task Force Given Extension

Gingrich's Path to a Comeback Is Strewn With Obstacles

Concern for Uninsured Children Has Not Led to Agreement